Burlesque is a theatrical dance form that started in the Victorian Era.  There is a blend of risque’ with used to develop this art form.  In our class atmosphere we focus on gaining confidence. 

Props will also be used for added excitement, such as chairs, boas, canes, and fans.  We want our dancers to deliver their most positive and fun burlesque attitude. No dance experience necessary.  Learn all the fun, raunchy, and classic movements that make up the set form of burlesque.  Learn to strut your stuff, bump and grind those hips, peel off gloves, and the art of the tease. 

Your Head Mistress of the Taos School Of Burlesque, Director/Producer of Coco’s Hen House is thrilled to provide you with weekly classes and occasional workshop to sass up your life style. Come and explore something new!

The Taos School Of Burlesque is located within the walls of The High Frequency Loft at 1335 Gusdorf Rd suite q, in Taos, NM.


Description Of Classes:

Mondays 7:30pm classes

Burlesque For All

We’ll be focusing on becoming more comfortable expressing ourselves in a sensual way, learn classic BURLESQUE movement (and how to make them dirty), how to hold space and fill the entire stage, sexing the stage, teasercise, stage presence, and of course fun, sweet, and sultry choreography.


Thursdays 7:00pm classes

Chair Tricks and Floor Work

Learn sassy, classy, and dirty chair and floor techniques. Learn graceful transitions and impactful poses.

*alternating weeks for chair tricks and floor work

*Those with knee or shoulder injuries are advised to be very cautious during this class.