'When music starts and the lights turn up, there is no turning back, no matter much you suddenly have to pee. After 5 years performing Burlesque in my small mountain town of Taos, NM, the fear and excitement of performing never cease to exist. As a shy quiet young(ish) women, burlesque has become the saving grace for me to express, accept, and love myself. I would dare say, I never want know the women I would have become with out it. I may be a self trained dancer, but I absolutely know how to bump to the beat.' -Jan 2018

Ms. Coco Blu

Ms. Coco Blu is a national burlesque performer based out of the Taos, MN. She found herself in the Land of Enchantment in 2011 and began her burlesque journey in 2012.

Coco has performed performed in various cities in New Mexico and Colorado, the 5th annual Houston Burlesque Fest, the 6th annual Michigan Burlesque Fest (in Detroit), and Asheville, NC.

In 2016, Coco became the sole founder of her new project Coco's Hen House of Burlesque, and Taos’ only performing burlesque troupe. In 2018 she founded the Taos School of Burlesque.

Ms. Coco Blu and Coco’s Hen House have worked closely with multiple artist based out of New Mexico and Colorado, such as Hello Dollface, Imaginario Circus, Zircus Erotica, Dirty Deeds Burlesque, Unicorn Productions, Bohemian Burlesque Society, IAM Music Fest, KNCE 93.5, and Kiki Love Productions.